Rock store Exxo coffee

Page I made for young friend on Exxo Café Vung tau.

Think for good local guides to drink a cup of coffee in just less than 01 us dollar.

(from 15.000 đong Vietnam to 18.000 đong vn )

My gift to everyone on visiting , remember to RockViet-F a collection on G+

  • Hear something like rock : “you know Hotel California rock song by Eagles?”.
  • Nghe Hotel California với ý nghiã thật sự của lời baì hát .
  • Đọc thêm bài viết ầy đủ: Hotel California on blogger blog mag889.

exxo coffee 3T2 vung tau-00(1)

EXXO Coffee 3T2 Vung tau
My favourite coffee store , Exxo Coffee 3T2 vung tau. a nice place to get return in the morning on beach .

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